Your small sacrifice can bring about a big change!

By Emily Teoh
World Vision Child Sponsor and Volunteer

“I feel that as a child sponsor, I should write regularly to my sponsored child. When I visited Mae Sariang ADP, I noticed how much joy these letters brought to the children. That’s why I always try to convince other child sponsors to correspond with their sponsored child. These letters of encouragement will help the children grow up confidently and with courage”, said Emily earnestly.

In 2014, Emily and her niece took part in the Mae Sariang sponsor & child visit. Emily had the opportunity to see for herself the day to day lives of the children. Emily said, “The World Vision Area Development Programme has helped a lot of people. For example, drinking water is such a normal and simple thing for Malaysians; and when I see the children of Mae Sariang thoroughly enjoying clean
drinking water, the contrast caused such distress for me. Emily praised the World Vision staff and community for maintaining a good community, with a sense of people coming together to share good things rather than just doing their own thing.

Before embarking, Emily mentally prepared her city-bred niece. She explained that the situation of the village would not be comparable to the life she knew, that she might feel some discomfort, and that she would need to watch her actions and thoughts. At Mae Sariang, her niece quickly made friends with the local girls, effortlessly learning to fit in with them. She saw her niece growing in maturity by learning compassion for people who are different.

Under normal circumstances, a child sponsor and a sponsored child would not have the opportunity to meet face to face. This is why corresponding through letters is important. In Mae Sariang,  the World Vision staff told Emily that sponsored children who received presents or letters are extremely thankful. This made Emily realise how important letters are to sponsored children. Emily said that she felt guilty for missing her sponsored child’s birthday. However, she decided to send a birthday gift anyway to continue building the relationship. A sponsor’s acts of care through gifts and letters are meant to encourage the sponsored child and allow her to build confidence.

Other than being a child sponsor, Emily is also a World Vision volunteer. She regularly helps at the World Vision office with administrative tasks, allowing World Vision staff to save a fair amount of time and focus on other more important tasks. When she volunteers at roadshows, she realises that explaining sponsorship to a crowd is not an easy task. She has had to learn to be more patient with the people that she meets.


In Emily’s own words: “Frankly, RM65 is not a large amount. Every bit forked out will reap a larger outcome. Helping others with what we have will bring much impact to those in need.”

The joy of giving is immeasurable. The child sponsorship programme brings hope for children while also paving the way for communities to fulfill their potential. Would you be interested to bring hope to those in need? Do take part in the child sponsorship programme today :