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A Small Gesture from the Heart

A Big Difference to a Child’s Future (Part 5)

World Vision Sponsors’ Visit to YongSheng ADP, China (25 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)

by Jesper Chang


World Vision Malaysia was kind enough to arrange some post activities after our Sponsors’ Visit to make our trip a more worthwhile and enjoyable. I guess we all needed some time to recuperate after our energetic 3 day visit to the ADP.

Among some of the highlights were visits to the snow peach plantation, bio-gas powered homes and solar-powered heater homes (all of which are also part of the many projects undertaken by World Vision YongSheng).

Another place that we visited was the YongSheng wet market (which has a wide variety of food, and for once we did not hesitate and took out our wallets and purses to buy whatever that tickled our taste buds).

On our final day, we even managed to squeeze in some last minute shopping at the Kunming Walmart before departing back to Malaysia.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed this trip. We had a great team of child sponsors, fabulous World Vision staff, the adventure was awesome, the food was commendable – but most importantly, the bond that we created together will forever be cherished in our minds.

Words are just not enough to describe the many feelings and experiences which I’ve gone through throughout these 8 exciting days. It really was an adventure of a lifetime for me.


Couldn’t resist taking a group shot with our ever-friendly World Vision drivers who drove us through the rough terrain throughout the entire trip

Nonetheless, one thing that I really want to do is to express my sincere thanks to the many people whom I had the chance to get to know and fostered good friendships with throughout this trip.

To James (ADP Manager World Vision China, YongSheng Office):
Thank you for doing a remarkable job helping & developing the YongSheng County. You and your team have done so much – the progress & results speak for themselves. And thank you for your warm hospitality which you’ve extended to us throughout our stay in YongSheng.

To Pei Ling & Angeline (World Vision Malaysia):
Much, much thanks for putting in all the blood, sweat & time in organizing this wonderful trip. Your efforts have paid off really well and you’ve succeeded in every corner with flying colours. Thank you for taking care of everyone – whether it’s during moments of joy, sorrow or stress. We salute you both!

To my fellow child sponsors:

–    Annie, Ming Wah & Peggy
Thank you for being such good sports. You girls were always there to cheer us up and crack jokes whenever we encountered tricky situations or when some of us were feeling down and stressed.

–    Mr. Tan & Elaine
I didn’t have much chance to interact with the both of you but I do look forward to seeing your photographs. I’m sure you are a professional photographer and I can’t wait to view your beautiful pictures.

–    Mr. Teng
Thank you for helping us out during our classroom teaching session at the Secondary School. You were fantastic. A really good role model for the kids. And a fabulous teacher, so to speak. Not to mention a very good fatherly figure to your sponsored child too. We have much to learn from you.

–    Choy Wan
A big thank you for being our (my dad & I) wonderful travelling companion for most of the trip – especially during the sponsors’ visit. You were an excellent conversationalist and I truly enjoyed our conversations. Much thanks too for being the interpreter during the long road trips whenever we conversed with the driver.

–   Karen, Eloise & Catherine
A million thanks to all 3 of you lovely ladies for being my “official” translators during the meet-up session with my sponsored child. I can’t thank you enough for the help which you’ve rendered upon me for that day. Without you ladies, I would have never made it through that very day and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all very much.

–    And to my Dad
Thank you for coming with me on this trip. I hope whatever you saw & experienced during this journey will give you a better understanding of what a great organization like World Vision is doing. And I hope that you too, will help spread out the word in asking more friends to join in & be part of this wonderful organization in its quest to bring hope to those in need.

Lastly, before I sign off, I’d just like to say once again – this trip has totally changed me. My character, thinking and vision towards life has been greatly affected by what I saw and experienced. Whilst we are only humans and we can only do so much for those in need, but I always maintain to the saying: “50% of Something is BETTER than 50% of Nothing”.

We can’t help everyone, but we sure can do our best to make the world a better place to live in for the children of tomorrow.

Cheers to all!

A Small Gesture from the Heart

A Big Difference to a Child’s Future (Part 4)

World Vision Sponsors’ Visit to YongSheng ADP, China (25 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)

by Jesper Chang

Day 3 ADP visit:

The final plan for our sponsors’ visit today would take us to Yongping Village, where we’ll visit the Secondary School.

I was told that this school is a brand new project that World Vision YongSheng has taken under its wings just slightly over a year ago. The school was previously in a bad state, and since it got help from World Vision, it has changed immensely. The grounds and the premise have been rebuilt and everything looks neater, cleaner and more organised.

When we entered the school’s main entrance, we were given an overwhelming welcome from the kids with hands clapping and cheering. I felt on the top of the world! I guess this is their way of thanking us for what we have done for them.


A grand welcome for our entourage by the children of the Secondary School

Today’s visit would be longer as it’s the last day of our sponsors’ visit, thus Pei Ling said we would spend as much time as possible with the kids.

The tour started off with the usual introductions and speeches. The highlight of the event was when our group was split into smaller groups of 3-4 and we were asked to go into some classrooms to mingle and to  “teach lessons” to the kids. As I’m illiterate in Mandarin, I was fortunate enough – AGAIN – to receive great help from my fellow team members who were always ready to take the helm in conducting the lessons.


“Lesson” in progress as the child sponsors become “temporary teachers”

Although the students in my class were rather shy at first, but they soon warmed up to us and went with the flow. After all, it was only a “casual class lesson” – nothing serious whatsoever. The initial soft & shy chatter soon turn to laughter, and it proceeded even further until it became like somewhat a “brainstorming” session as everyone wanted to give their input to the questions thrown at them 🙂


Group shot of our class after the lesson ended

Our session at the school ended close to 1pm. After lunch, we made our way back down the hilly mountains of Yongsheng again.

As I was leaving the premise, I looked back at the school one more time and said to myself, “Not bad, not bad at all. What a great transformation”.

For a school that was on the verge of “sinking”, World Vision YongSheng has done a remarkable job in turning it around and bringing it back up to the surface. It has saved the school from submerging and rescued the children from “drowning”. And because of this, the children now have a brighter and more solid future to look forward to.

A Small Gesture from the Heart

A Big Difference to a Child’s Future (Part 3)

World Vision Sponsors’ Visit to YongSheng ADP, China (25 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)

by Jesper Chang

Day 2 ADP visit:

This would be the happiest and most memorable day of my entire trip to YongSheng.


Because this was the day I was going to meet my sponsored child. After sponsoring her for 5-years (beginning in 2008), I was finally going to meet her for the very FIRST time.

We began our trip into Shui Jing village that morning. Thereafter, we entered a community hall where we waited for our sponsored children to arrive.

When I first saw her walking in with her mom, I knew that was her. My heart skipped a beat, I was lost for words and I didn’t even know how to react. She was so different from her photo – different in a sense that she looked very mature and seemed to have grown exceptionally taller. But she was still who she was – my dear sponsored child. I immediately shook hands with her, and took pictures with her and her family.


Couldn’t wait & just had to take a shot with my sponsored child, Yu Xiang upon meeting her for the very first time at the Community Centre

We exchanged greetings before World Vision staff organised a lunch for us and the families. What a great plan! Thank you, World Vision for organizing it this way.


Lunch time with Yu Xiang, her parents, child sponsors and World Vision staff


A family portrait with Yu Xiang and her family

As I am illiterate in Mandarin, I was very lucky to have 3 sponsors who were very willing to lend a hand in becoming my “official translators”. I felt like a V.V.I.P that day 🙂

After lunch, we proceeded to her school in the township of Guanghua where again, we met up with the rest of the other kids and interacted with them through games and sharing.

But the time that I was really looking forward to, was the one-to-one meet-up session for every sponsor and his / her sponsored child. And when my time came, I was all too eager to proceed with it. We were ushered into an empty classroom, where the World Vision YongSheng staffs were at hand to act as translators too (due to the different accents of Mandarin). Together with my 3 “official translators”, we all sat down and I began to present her the gifts I bought for her. Her eyes beamed with joy when she opened the presents one by one. We explained to her what some of the gifts are and showed her how to play with some of the games, and she even wrote a Thank You note for me there and then itself.


The one-to-one meet up session. Thank you Karen, Eloise & Catherine for being my interpreters!


Karen, Eloise & Catherine being as helpful and patient as ever in helping with the translation throughout the session

Alas, like all happy journeys, all good things must come to an end. And the time to say goodbye and bid farewell came soon after. I took this opportunity to take a few more shots with her and used the last few minutes to give her a warm inspirational chat. At the last few seconds I shook hands with her and gave her a warm hug before she made her way back to her class. I promised her that I would come back to see her again when World Vision organize another trip to YongSheng in the future. Even as she walked back to her class, she turned and looked back at me a few times.

I’ve always been a strong person, but on that day, I felt really emotional and tears did flow a little. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and talk to her more, I wanted to guide her through her studies, teach her new things, play games with her – but I know it’s just not possible. The time has come and I had to let her go.

Sitting in the jeep on the way down and back to the hotel, many thoughts raced through my mind. Visions of my sponsored child and the “very few moments” that we had together came flooding back. Tears started to flow again. I do not know when I’ll be able to come back to see her again. But one thing I know is, the events & memories which took place today, I will cherish forever in my heart.

A Small Gesture from the Heart

A Big Difference to a Child’s Future (Part 2)

World Vision Sponsors’ Visit to YongSheng ADP, China (25 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)

by Jesper Chang

Day 1 ADP visit:

Prior to departing to our first designated venue, we stopped by World Vision’s YongSheng Office for an introduction session of the YongSheng ADP by its very friendly ADP Manager, Mr. James Leong. We were showed round the office, from its administration centre to its training rooms and even the dorms – which are used to provide lodging to students, staffs and visitors. After almost 2 hours at the centre, we began our journey to our first destination.

Today’s agenda was to visit the Liude Primary School. This school is situated somewhat on a hilltop, and the remaining 500m to the school was excruciatingly bumpy due to the rocky & sandy road.

Once we arrived at the school compound, we were surrounded by the many kids that were all too eager to meet us. Comprising mainly of primary school children, they were extremely enthusiastic when they saw us walk into their school grounds.

Pei Ling, our ever helpful tour and organizing team leader, gave an opening speech, thereafter, we joined the kids in playing games, interacting and taking photographs with them. It truly surprised me that many of them were actually very good at posing for shots – especially the girls!

While some of the team members met up with their sponsored child, I made my way out to the school compound and met up with the headmaster of the school (really neat guy!) and asked him questions about the school’s facilities and what the government and World Vision has done to assist them – and I must say the things he told me were very convincing. I was extremely impressed when he showed me the school’s Computer Lab. Flat screen monitors and high performance CPUs, coupled with internet access – now that’s an eye-opener for me, for a school that’s located deep in the woods & mountains of YongSheng County.

I was told that YongSheng has suffered drought for the past 3 years, and there hasn’t been a drop of rain since then. That said, the government has implemented water rationing for most of its areas – including schools. It broke my heart when I saw the kids queuing up and taking turns to feed themselves with water when “drinking time” came. My dad even wanted to give them his mineral water bottle but the official said it would be of no use. There just wasn’t enough to be passed around.

Our session ended at approximately 4.20pm when we had to bid farewell to the kids. We shook hands, took last minute pictures with them and said our goodbyes before boarding our vehicles for the long way down again.


Briefing in progress at World Vision’s YongSheng Program Office with ADP Manager, Mr. James Leong


The children at Liude Primary school. Didn’t I say they were photogenic 😉


Our team members having fun with the kids


The impressive & real neat-looking computer lab

A Small Gesture from the Heart

A Big Difference to a Child’s Future (Part 1)

World Vision Sponsors’ Visit to YongSheng ADP, China (25 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)

by Jesper Chang


25th March 2012 marks the day that will change my life forever.

It was to be the beginning of a week long adventure that would be filled with joys, tears and passion for me & everyone that was involved.

Since becoming a child sponsor (for a little girl in Yongsheng) with World Vision Malaysia back in 2008, I have always longed for the day when I would have the chance to meet my sponsored child face-to-face. And thanks to World Vision Malaysia – my wish came through in late December last year when I received an email from them announcing they will be holding a Child Sponsorship visit to Yongsheng in March 2012.

I wasted no time in signing-up for the trip because I did not want to miss out on this golden opportunity. I was told that the next probable time for the same trip to happen would mostly take another 3-4 years, and maybe even up to 6 years – so I had to go this time.

So, with 11 other participants and 2 World Vision Malaysia staff – and armed with a bagful of gifts & presents which I bought to give to my child –  I started my journey on an 8-day excursion trip to Yongsheng, China on what would become the most memorable and adventure-filled trip of my entire life.

For this trip, I decided to take my dad along – for one sole reason –  to let him see what World Vision was doing, how they operate, and most importantly, to show him who my sponsored child was and why I was so passionate to get involve in the child sponsorship program.

Hence, on a slightly cloudy but sunny morning of 25th March 2012, our entire entourage took to the skies and made our way to chilly Kunming. Flight touched down at 1:10pm, and we had to endure a 3-hour wait at the airport before boarding our connecting flight to the beautiful city of Lijiang.

After spending a night in Lijiang, we began our long journey into YongSheng in 4-wheel drives & accompanied by World Vision Yongsheng office staff. The journey through treacherous mountain roads and uneven grounds gave me a sore back but was well worth it as the scenery along the way was truly magnificent. If you love the outdoors and photography is your passion, then the mountain roads of China is for you!


The treacherous mountain roads leading towards YongSheng. You’ll have to be a real skillful driver to navigate these roads


The concrete bridge that connects Lijiang to YongSheng