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Passionate about being a child sponsor

“RM130 for two children may not be a lot, but to know that it can help complete two development projects truly encourages me. If all of us play a part and sponsor just one child, what an impact that would be!”  –Lisa Chang Siew Ling, Child Sponsor of 2 children

For Lisa, the most satisfying part of child sponsorship is when World Vision successfully phases out of the community. That’s when the families have become self-reliant and the community takes ownership of its future development.

“It (child sponsorship) is more than just a donation. It helps lay a solid foundation for sustainable development and brings hope to children living in poverty,” she explains. Lisa is convinced that through World Vision’s long-term development work, her sponsored children and their communities will thrive and have promising futures.

Lisa had felt compelled to sponsor a child after reading stories of poverty around the world and about World Vision’s work among the poor. Her first sponsored child was from Xinjiang, China. Later, while volunteering at a World Vision experiential booth, she decided to sponsor her second child – a boy from Praiburng, Thailand. The experience is very meaningful and emotional for as she puts herself in the shoes of those struggling to survive daily because of poverty. The stories she had read came to life for her! Since then, Lisa hardly missed volunteering at any World Vision’s events as long as time permits. She is always happy to share with people about child sponsorship and its concept in bringing about lasting change.

In 2013, her commitment to bringing about change in Xinjiang came to an end as World Vision phased out of the community. Without a second thought, Lisa continued her sponsorship with another child, also from China but in another area development programme.

The vulnerability of children especially those facing the harsh reality of poverty had left a deep impression on Lisa. She is determined to continue helping these children find hope and a way out of the vicious cycle of poverty through World Vision’s child sponsorship programme.

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Joys of Child Sponsorship

“I want them to know that there is someone out there in the world who loves them.”
Elle Chin, Child Sponsor of 2 children

The year was 2013 when Elle came face to face with the sad reality of poverty during a World Vision Famine Advocate trip to Basanthi, India. Meeting 11-year old Parama was a defining moment for her.

Photographed with Parama during the 2013 Famine Advocates’ Visit to Basanthi, India.

Parama lives with her aging grandmother. They had been battling hunger, having little to eat each day. When Elle met them, the hungry little girl was shivering and her hands were cold. Elle gave them a bag of rice and what happened next tugged at her heartstrings. Parama’s grandmother burst into tears of joy and gratitude! Today, Elle is relieved to know that Parama is being sponsored under World Vision’s child sponsorship programme.

Elle’s child sponsorship journey began after she participated in World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine Camp back in 2007. It taught her that every single effort counts, no matter how small it may be.

“It was alarming to know that many children do not live past their 5th birthday due to poverty. Sponsoring a child is the least I can do to bring lasting change in the lives of these children living in difficult circumstances. I know many who are hesitant to commit to a long-term sponsorship programme but having been a child sponsor for many years, I can assure you that the money spent is worthwhile – as we will see lasting change in the lives of those struggling with poverty,” said Elle, who is now World Vision Malaysia’s Youth Mobiliser.

For Elle, it is sheer joy whenever she receives her sponsored children’s drawings, letters and photos. Reading each child’s personal progress as well as their community development encourages her and she feels blessed to have played a part.

“Through letters and gifts, I hope that I can encourage my sponsored children to achieve their dreams. I want them to know that there is someone out there in the world who loves them.”

Sponsor a child today! Be part of World Vision’s work in bringing hope to children and communities in need.


「在我们的生命中,应该做些有意义的事。之前在电视上看到关于世界宣明会的资讯。当我想为有需要的社群出一份力时,就自然而然联想到世界宣明会。当我开始 助养第一名助养童时,当时的每月助养费是50令吉。这笔善款不算多,但却能帮助到有需要的社群,非常有意义。我很高兴能成为儿童助养计划里的其中一个助养 人。 」世界宣明会志工兼儿童助养人——黄丽娟(Rachel Ng)分享道。





「我们和当地的孩子相处得非常愉快,最感动我的是,有个孩子问我马来西亚远不远?问我可不可以留下来陪他。他说话的时候,还靠在我的身上呢。 」短短几天的相处,孩子们的热情融化了黄丽娟,让她留下了深刻的回忆。










如果您也深受黄丽娟的善举所感动,想了解更多关于儿童助养计划的详情,欢迎浏览 https://www.worldvision.com.my/ch/sponsor-a-child