Student Beats Adversity with World Vision’s Assistance

Hloasi Motseki (22) leads a session in a classroom

By Atang Likotsi

Twenty-two-year-old Hloaisi Motseki of Lesotho is not a typical university student just pursuing his dream vocation. For his is a story of a grief-stricken youth whose dream is resuscitated when the odds seemed staked against him. Motseki vividly remembers his fears after the death of his parents.

“With the passing away of my parents, both father and mother in 2003 and 2005 respectively, I saw my childhood dream of becoming a doctor fade before my eyes. Being the youngest of four children, I could not imagine life without my parents… all hope was lost,” says Motseki.

But Motseki is in University today, thanks to World Vision Lesotho, who mobilised well -wishers locally to pay for his tuition fee, meals, transport, rent and other expenses. The funds enabled him to pursue a six-month bridging course in Journalism at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

“During my time of grief, I spent most of my time writing poetry, music and literature to find comfort. Soon I realised my passion lay in writing. I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in Journalism in spite of fears I might not attain my dream” says Motseki.

It was during these difficulties that Motseki developed compassion to improve his community, and took an interest in Developmental Issues. This led him to participate in a World Vision Children’s Committee workshop where he was immediately spotted as an intelligent and passionate young person.

“I was recognised as one who could represent other children during World Vision Lesotho national office Strategy Launch. It was during this event that a high ranking government official promised to provide me with financial assistance to further my studies. However, the official failed to deliver on his promise.

It is against this backdrop that the World Vision Lesotho team, with the guidance of its Advocacy and Child Protection team, mobilised the organisations’ Pitseng Area Program Manager and his team to solicit funds locally for Motseki.

“Based on my background of financial struggle, I could not imagine myself sitting in a lecture room at any university. But after the financial assistance mobilised by World Vision staff, my dream was resuscitated. The joy I am feeling is beyond measure. Like most young people my age, I am finally doing what I love,” says Motseki with a smile.

Motseki is presently enrolled at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, where he is honing his skills in creative writing through a BA (Hons) in Broadcasting & Journalism. He remains an active member of World Vision Lesotho Youth Committees.

He writes for World Vision Lesotho’s Children’s Voice Newsletter, participates in workshops, and represents children in many events at district and national level. Above all, he believes a future as a leader awaits him.

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