Building Relationships with my Sponsored Children

“Sponsoring a child was not an instantaneous decision but definitely a meaningful one.”
Yu Foong Sin, Child Sponsor of 3 children

It was the concept of building a relationship with the sponsored child that interested Foong Sin the most when she was deciding to sponsor a child. After learning more about World Vision’s work, she decided to take the step to sponsor a child in 2011 – Thi Pan, a little girl from Vietnam.

When Foong Sin received Thi Pan’s profile, she had the thought of visiting her someday.

She did.

Foong Sin
Foong Sin joined a child sponsors’ visit to Vietnam in 2012. She finally met Thi Pan face to face, and even her parents. Foong Sin was happy to know that Thi Pan’s parents were committed to her education and well-being. She also saw firsthand the dedication and commitment of the World Vision staff in reaching out to help and transform the local communities for self-sustainability. Due to the remote location of the communities, the staff had to travel the long distances on harsh roads but they didn’t mind. It was a heart-warming and eye-opening experience for her.

Foong Sin first got to know about World Vision and its work through a roadshow event.  Because of that, today she is a dedicated volunteer for World Vision roadshows, with a mission to tell others about the concept of child sponsorship.

“It is pure joy to see a child thrive and all it takes is giving a small portion of what we have. For those contemplating to join the child sponsorship journey, be assured that you will not regret it as you’ll be making a real difference. Knowing that my small giving can give the children better opportunities in life truly encourages me as a child sponsor,” says Foong Sin who now sponsors 3 children – from Vietnam, Myanmar and China.