Tips for raising children with tenderness

Violence can be hidden under the intention to educate or correct, but there are other more effective ways to raise children with love.

Raising children with tenderness asserts his dignity and strengthens emotional ties. Tenderness encourages dialogue and shows the comprehensive care we have for the needs of children, accompanying their growth.

1. Tenderness sets unconditional love relationships, communication, affection and respect

Children’s feelings must be treated with respect. Girls and boys with positive relationships will grow with enough confidence to become assertive adults who exercise their citizenship with ethical principles.

2. Tenderness guides children’s growth with empathy and understanding

Earn their trust so they share their dreams, joys and achievements, but also their fears, sorrows and insecurities. Children need limits and firmness; but they also need to feel heard and understood. With love and understanding they make good decisions.

3. Hug and kiss each day

The touch strengthens affection, relationships and promotes positive behaviors. Show your love by hugging and telling them that you love them.

Story by World Vision Dominican Republic