Livelihood lost

For Khor Siu Yan who is from Tumpat, her livelihood is in a mess.

Her family has always produced and sold fish and prawn keropok for a living.

When the flood waters began to rise at 10pm on 24 December, the family tried shifting the important items to the back of the shop but the waters continue to rise and soon it was at chest level. As best as they could, they moved items to the 2nd floor.

When the waters finally receded after 7 days, the mess and the mud was everywhere.

Her machines for keropok making and the fridge that would keep the seafood fresh were spoiled.

An unmistakable sadness appeared on her face when she realised that she had no means for future income generation.


The shop next door which they also own and rent out, is wrecked and can’t be rented out now.

“This flood has done much damage but we thank God that we can still live in our house, despite all the mud. My mother’s house got completely washed away by the flood waters.”

World Vision and their partners Crest were able to distribute some food items to help the Khor family.

Many families have lost their homes and means of income generation as the flood waters rose as high as 6 feet in some areas. Do consider donating to help those affected by the floods :