Giving Assistance to Kak Wani, Chung Hwa Primary Temangan, School Canteen Operator

Photo taken on 18th May at the school canteen

In January 2015, Kak Wani started work as the school canteen operator.

She was really excited to start her new business, but the flood in December 2014 scattered her hopes as the canteen was badly damaged, cooking utensils either broken or swept away by the flood waters.

She felt sad, lost and worried after seeing the post-flood conditions of the school canteen, as Kak Wani is the sole breadwinner in the family.

Her husband has chronic diabetes and cataracts. So he is not able to work anymore. While her eldest daughter has serious kidneys problem and needs money for transportation and monthly treatment fees.

Kak Wani works at the school canteen during the day and opens a food stall in the evening till midnight to earn extra income.

She often feels tired from working so much and driving is taxing to her as she has poor eyesight but can’t afford to pay for glasses.

World Vision supported her by:
: buying new cooking utensils & canteen equipment
: providing her with a model to start her business
: supporting with Child Friendly coupons – to encourage students to eat healthier meals at the canteen & in turn it gives her better business
: getting her a pair of glasses
: getting a food rack for her food stall

As a result, Kak Wani’s food is not praised by the students and teachers alone but also by the parents. This was through the feedback forms we got from students and parents, they stated that her food is much cleaner, tastier, cheaper and has more variety than the previous canteen operator

She expressed her gratitude for the support that she received from World Vision Malaysia and she’s very glad that she can provide better for her family and make new friends too.

She hopes, the mural painting at the canteen will encourage more students to eat at the canteen.

We hope that one day Kak Wani can afford to hire 1 more helper to assist her, so that she can rest more. While at the same time continue to provide yummy and healthy food for the children and be able to cut down on her workload.

USM students in Kelantan also contributed back to the local school, read more here.