Photo taken on 24th May at the school canteen

Volunteers are all 3rd year dentistry students, this year is their clinical year. It is the most hectic and stressful year for them.

We at World Vision are grateful that despite the busy schedule of lectures and postings, they were still willing to spend their time and energy in the mural painting activities.

We were at the school for 8 days to complete all paintings.

They started painting in the morning and only stopped at night

This team was lead by Yap Hao Zhi (sitting third from the right). We approached him on the 15th of March. He then gathered his friends to join in the activity.

He recently injured both his knee ligaments but insisted on completing the mural painting.

He thanked World Vision Malaysia for this opportunity to do something meaningful and he found that he and his friends were able to relax their bodies and mind and relief stress during the painting.

“Thank you for the opportunity to make some memories and for the past few weeks while in preparation and painting, I felt like I had achieved a great milestone in my life.” – Yap Hao Zhi

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