by Michelle Chun
World Vision Malaysia

This week (May 1-8) is World Vision’s Global Week of Action – millions of people raising their hands to help children live to see their 5th birthday. While many of us remember our fifth birthdays as a colourful blur of cake, presents and balloons, more than six million children all over the world will simply not live long enough to celebrate five birthdays.

Although the number of children dying under the age of five has decreased by nearly 42% and maternal mortality by 47% over the past two decades, many countries will still not meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets for improving child and maternal health by 2015.

Child Health Now is World Vision’s five-year advocacy campaign that spans 50 countries and is seeking to end child and maternal deaths. We need to mobilise governments, donors, supporters and organisations toward accelerating the progress made and reducing the number of children and mothers who lose their lives each year.

As Malaysians, let’s stand up this week and raise our hands in support of ending the more than six million deaths of children under five each year. Take a photo, (hands up please) and post it on our Facebook page so children can #survive5!

 Pledge for #survive5 in five easy steps!

1. Whip out your camera or phone

2. Get your family and friends together, explain the Global Week of Action and why we need to remind leaders that all children should ‘Survive 5’.

3. Take a picture of the group members with their hands in the air. Even a photo of one or two persons work!

4. Hashtag #survive5 for your pictures.

5. Upload your photo to:, where you’ll join thousands of people around the globe campaigning for change. Share your photo via your Social Media channels and inspire as many as possible!

We want every child to #survive5!