A Small Gesture from the Heart

A Big Difference to a Child’s Future (Part 5)

World Vision Sponsors’ Visit to YongSheng ADP, China (25 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)

by Jesper Chang


World Vision Malaysia was kind enough to arrange some post activities after our Sponsors’ Visit to make our trip a more worthwhile and enjoyable. I guess we all needed some time to recuperate after our energetic 3 day visit to the ADP.

Among some of the highlights were visits to the snow peach plantation, bio-gas powered homes and solar-powered heater homes (all of which are also part of the many projects undertaken by World Vision YongSheng).

Another place that we visited was the YongSheng wet market (which has a wide variety of food, and for once we did not hesitate and took out our wallets and purses to buy whatever that tickled our taste buds).

On our final day, we even managed to squeeze in some last minute shopping at the Kunming Walmart before departing back to Malaysia.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed this trip. We had a great team of child sponsors, fabulous World Vision staff, the adventure was awesome, the food was commendable – but most importantly, the bond that we created together will forever be cherished in our minds.

Words are just not enough to describe the many feelings and experiences which I’ve gone through throughout these 8 exciting days. It really was an adventure of a lifetime for me.


Couldn’t resist taking a group shot with our ever-friendly World Vision drivers who drove us through the rough terrain throughout the entire trip

Nonetheless, one thing that I really want to do is to express my sincere thanks to the many people whom I had the chance to get to know and fostered good friendships with throughout this trip.

To James (ADP Manager World Vision China, YongSheng Office):
Thank you for doing a remarkable job helping & developing the YongSheng County. You and your team have done so much – the progress & results speak for themselves. And thank you for your warm hospitality which you’ve extended to us throughout our stay in YongSheng.

To Pei Ling & Angeline (World Vision Malaysia):
Much, much thanks for putting in all the blood, sweat & time in organizing this wonderful trip. Your efforts have paid off really well and you’ve succeeded in every corner with flying colours. Thank you for taking care of everyone – whether it’s during moments of joy, sorrow or stress. We salute you both!

To my fellow child sponsors:

–    Annie, Ming Wah & Peggy
Thank you for being such good sports. You girls were always there to cheer us up and crack jokes whenever we encountered tricky situations or when some of us were feeling down and stressed.

–    Mr. Tan & Elaine
I didn’t have much chance to interact with the both of you but I do look forward to seeing your photographs. I’m sure you are a professional photographer and I can’t wait to view your beautiful pictures.

–    Mr. Teng
Thank you for helping us out during our classroom teaching session at the Secondary School. You were fantastic. A really good role model for the kids. And a fabulous teacher, so to speak. Not to mention a very good fatherly figure to your sponsored child too. We have much to learn from you.

–    Choy Wan
A big thank you for being our (my dad & I) wonderful travelling companion for most of the trip – especially during the sponsors’ visit. You were an excellent conversationalist and I truly enjoyed our conversations. Much thanks too for being the interpreter during the long road trips whenever we conversed with the driver.

–   Karen, Eloise & Catherine
A million thanks to all 3 of you lovely ladies for being my “official” translators during the meet-up session with my sponsored child. I can’t thank you enough for the help which you’ve rendered upon me for that day. Without you ladies, I would have never made it through that very day and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all very much.

–    And to my Dad
Thank you for coming with me on this trip. I hope whatever you saw & experienced during this journey will give you a better understanding of what a great organization like World Vision is doing. And I hope that you too, will help spread out the word in asking more friends to join in & be part of this wonderful organization in its quest to bring hope to those in need.

Lastly, before I sign off, I’d just like to say once again – this trip has totally changed me. My character, thinking and vision towards life has been greatly affected by what I saw and experienced. Whilst we are only humans and we can only do so much for those in need, but I always maintain to the saying: “50% of Something is BETTER than 50% of Nothing”.

We can’t help everyone, but we sure can do our best to make the world a better place to live in for the children of tomorrow.

Cheers to all!